Zuma Deluxe 1.0

An addictive puzzle game where you control a shooting frog to defend a golden skull

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    Deluxe 1.0

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Zuma Deluxe 1.0
Zuma 2014

Zuma, a game with Aztec art and named after the Aztec King Montezuma, has seen over 17 million downloads. This popular puzzle game took the world by storm when it first launched. You'd never guess it, but the game is surprisingly addictive. The simplicity catches you off guard because you step into the role of a stone frog who shoots colored balls out of his mouth. Your goal is to get three of the same color or more eliminated.

Enter the Ancient Aztec World

The game revolves on an axis, and your goal is to destroy all the other balls that swirl around the frog before they enter the pit of doom. Once the snake ball reaches the pit, it will collapse in, and you lose the game. You're trying to get access to the sacred golden skull of Aztec lore. In Zuma, your chief goal revolves around destroying the balls aimed at the golden skull.

Balls, Balls, Balls

Before we enter combat, we should first understand a little about the balls. You have three different colors: green, yellow and red. As the frog gets the corresponding color, you want to shoot at them to lower the snake's capacity. The balls will disappear, and as they do this, you earn points. You can change the color of the ball you want the frog to shoot by using the right-hand mouse button. You hit the left-hand mouse button to fire it.

Two Different Gaming Modes

You can choose from two different gaming modes in Zuma. You can either choose Gauntlet or Adventure, but it can be hard to say what the actual difference between the two is. Both of the modes have the same kind of gameplay with a funky tribal soundtrack. You have colorful graphics that are supported with beautiful Aztec art. The game looks simple, but don't let that fool you.

Drawback of Zuma

Probably one of the biggest issues with this game is how easy it is. The balls move slowly enough that it never becomes difficult to keep them from reaching the pit of doom. As you progress through the levels, it does grow a little harder, but it would've been nice if the developers had made it a little more challenging.

Zuma has the unique blend where it appeals to both children and adults. This fun game starts with a trial version where you can play for 60 minutes before you have to buy it. If you want a completely free game, this probably isn't your best option, but those willing to pay can try the game out a little before they make a purchase.


  • Colorful graphics and beautiful Aztec art.
  • Interesting game with a unique perspective.
  • The addictive nature of the game catches you off guard.


  • Too easy for the gamers who like a bit more of a challenge.

Zuma is a classic PC game that pits a mysterious frog against an ever-advancing group of colorful balls. The Zuma frog has one mission: Protect the golden skull from being overrun by these balls. Like most games of its kind, Zuma is a game of accuracy. You must accurately fire balls that successfully eradicate a certain color. For example, if two red balls are together, then you would aim to accurately fire a red ball next to them, making all three disappear.

Most people see Zuma as a puzzle game. It definitely has all the elements of a match-3 puzzler, but it also demands shooting skills that other games of its nature don't require. Zuma is a game not just of thought but of action, too. Prepare for things to get very hectic as the axis of balls advance toward the golden skull. Many folks have grown too frustrated to play this game because it has a high level of difficulty, but the payoff is worth it, and most of us eventually find our way back to the Zuma playing field.

The mechanics of the game are simple, but their application is endlessly challenging. The colored balls may be red, green or yellow. Challenging features include the occasional appearance of balls that change color in the field. Two modes of play dictate approaches to the game. Unfortunately, "Adventure" mode and "Gauntlet" mode are virtually identical. The music is the same and so are the general graphics. The key difference is the level of difficulty. Gauntlet mode may look the same, but it is actually much harder than Adventure mode. Only experienced Zuma players should enter Gauntlet mode, as the game goes at such a fast pace that it's easy to get lost in the mix.

Zuma is a game that leaves many gamers with mixed emotions. On one hand, it's one of the most unique, challenging puzzle games available online. On the other hand, this is not one of those relaxing puzzle games that so many millions of people know and love. Zuma is fast-paced and challenging from beginning to end. This is a true game, both shooter and puzzler, and you will have to work for everything you get in Zuma. There is no relaxation mode, only a hard and a harder mode.

This legendary puzzler/shooter is a classic for good reason. The game play is timeless, the mighty frog character is unforgettable, and the game itself is almost always free to try. If you want a challenging game that leaves a powerful impression, Zuma might be for you.


- Zuma is simple to learn. Don't confuse simple with easy though. You can start playing Zuma in seconds, but you may never master all of its secrets.

- The gameplay is always interesting.

- The graphics are engaging and suitable for both adults and children.


- The limited number of modes makes it impossible to experiment with the inner workings of the game. What you see is what you get.

- There are times when the balls will stall or move more slowly than they should.

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